[Official] This autumn will again see the international bar industry travel to Berlin from all over the world. One country, however, will be featured especially prominently this year: Denmark. Because it is this year’s Country of Honour at Bar Convent Berlin. From 10 to 12 October visitors will be able to discover the ‘Country of Honour’ pavilion and a special Speakeasy bar from Copenhagen to get a taste of Denmark.

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“Skål!” – this toast will probably be heard quite often at BCB this year, setting the scene for Denmark, as this country was selected as the official Country of Honour for this year’s expert event for the bar sector.

Denmark is considered one of the world’s happiest countries and known for its unique “hygge” lifestyle. This Danish term refers to a form of togetherness, homeliness and enjoyment. This positive mindset is also reflected in the Danish bar scene – a perfect match for BCB, which moves the get-together of the industry and the enjoyment of good drinks centre stage.

“We are very happy to have Denmark as our ‘Country of Honour’ this year. The country not only boasts a wide variety of high-quality spirits and brands but also captivates us with its one-of-a-kind bar scene and exciting personalities. It is this diversity and the special Danish spirit that we also want to make palpable at BCB together,” says Petra Lassahn, Event Director of BCB.

Denmark and BCB

Over the past few years interest in Danish spirits and other mixology products has increased internationally. Furthermore, the country is not only leading when it comes to sustainability in manufacturing and environment-friendly processes but also hosts some of the best bars in Europe such as the ‘Ruby’ or ‘Duck & Cover’ in Copenhagen. As BCB’s Country of Honour this year the Danish spirits community will once again receive the attention it deserves. Moreover, the BCB cooperates with Mixology International which is organizing the joint Danish pavilion.


“For brands that want to gain an international foothold Bar Convent Berlin is simply a must. This industry event gives our Danish exhibitors a unique opportunity to both make valuable contacts with bartenders, retailers, and producers and to explore new products and trends,” says Zander Lauritzen Hansen, CEO of Mixology International, Owner of Scandic Bar and President of the Danish Bartender´s Association.

Visitors in for a plethora of Danish spirits

The Danish spirits industry is very creative and has a wide variety of different spirits to offer that are primarily made with local plants. The most well-known ones include Aquavit and Snaps, but also Danish Gin, Rum, and Whiskey enjoy great popularity. The industry is still strongly inspired by old traditions while opting for new ways in distilling at the same time. Many manufacturers stay true to tradition but try to find new and innovative ways to produce in an eco-friendly way.

15 Danish top brands under one roof

This year’s Country of Honour will be represented with a total of 15 brands, including 12 different spirits and mixers. The Danish Pavilion is located in Hall 18 and combines the best and most innovative Danish products to be presented to the world now. These brands will be there so far: A Clean Spirit, Nordic Gin House, Copenhagen Distillery, Copenhagen Alcohol, Bite (The Syrup Company), Plateau Spirits, Bar’ Djus, Ish Spirit, Scape Spirits, Hammer & Sons, Rebæl, Bornholm Spirits, Twisted Leaf, Nykur Vodka, TS Warehouse. In addition to this Danish pavilion there will also be other companies represented at BCB from the Country of Honour such as 1423 and A Verre Co.. Furthermore, other special activities and exciting interventions on the BCB stages revolving around Denmark are currently being planned.

Speakeasy Bar with “Kyros & Co.” from Copenhagen

The bar Kyros & Co. as well as their Distillery & Brewery A Verre Co. – both located in the Danish capital – are dedicated to flavour first. For BCB the team headed by Christian Tang will personally travel and move their bar from Copenhagen to Berlin to breathe life into a very special Speakeasy Bar in Hall 11.1 for three days – bringing along with them their own portfolio of 17 products, alongside products from friends, representing the best flavour as they see it. At BCB 2022 the Speakeasy Bar will be all about taste and aroma as well as the interactions between guest and bartender: « We believe in conversation, in place of a menu card. Not as a gimmick, but as a tool for discovery for the guest, but also for us. From this discovery, almost all of our products are created » says Christian Tang. Further details about the cooperation will follow shortly – but one thing can already be revealed: things will become very hygge!